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NFL releasing Colts schedule for 2010 tonight at 7pm has a whole video dedicated to the Colts 2010 schedule. But, if you don't care to watch that, you can read about the match-ups.

Outside of the division games, we have the Cowboys, Chargers, and the Giants visiting Lucas Oil Stadium. This means Manning Bowl, Part Deux. [UPDATE: Manning Bowl II is in Week Two]. Colts travel to the Eagles, Broncos, and Patriots. Schedule is ranked (currently) as the 11th strongest.

Right off the bat, traveling to New England and Philly will be very tough. The Colts will also travel to Oakland, and while the Raiders are usually a crap team, they play tough in their building late in the season. The home games will also feature the Bengals and the Chiefs.

Also, the opening game of Kickoff Weekend is Vikings at Saints. That's a pretty ballsy opening game for the NFL, especially when we don't know if Brett Favre is coming back for the 2010 season.

The full schedule for the 2010 season will be released tonight at 7pm Eastern on NFL Network.

[UPDATE]: From PFT, Week 17 in the NFL will feature all division match-ups.