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Indianapolis Colts open the 2010 season at the Houston Texans

The NFL has released their 2010 regular season schedule, and for the Colts the quest begins in Houston against the Texans.

Full Schedule:

Week One: Colts at Texans (Sunday, 1pm, CBS)

Week Two: Giants at Colts (Sunday, 8:20pm, NBC)

Week Three: Colts at Broncos (Sunday, 4:15pm, CBS)

Week Four: Colts at Jaguars (Sunday, 4:05pm, CBS)

Week Five: Chiefs at Colts (Sunday, 1:00pm, CBS)

Week Six: Colts at Redskins (Sunday, 8:20pm, NBC)

Week Seven: Bye

Week Eight: Texans at Colts (Monday, 8:30pm, ESPN)

Week Nine: Colts at Eagles (Sunday, 4:15pm, CBS)

Week Ten: Bengals at Colts (Sunday, 1pm, CBS)

Week Eleven: Colts at Patriots (Sunday, 4:15pm, CBS)

Week Twelve: Chargers at Colts (Sunday, 8:20pm, NBC)

Week Thirteen: Cowboys at Colts (Sunday, 4:15pm, FOX)

Week Fourteen: Colts at Titans (Thursday, 8:20pm, NFLN)

Week Fifteen: Jaguars at Colts (Sunday, 1pm, CBS)

Week Sixteen: Colts at Raiders (Sunday, 4:05pm, CBS)

Week Seventeen: Titans at Colts (Sunday, 1pm, CBS)

Reaction after the jump.

The NFL does us no favors by looking to mirror the 2007 season with a mid-season fight with the Patriots in Week Eleven followed by a visit from the Chargers in Week Twelve. Interesting that the Colts play the Titans only in the second half of the season, and within three weeks of each other. The Raiders game at the end of the year will not be easy, and having to go to Denver after a late night game against the Giants is kind of ugh.

However, we're used to tough schedules, and when you are 14-2 and the AFC Champs, you should have a tough schedule.

Oh, and I'm annoyed our game with the Cowboys is not on Thanksgiving. Maybe Jerry was worried we'd embarrass him and his team in our better stadium.

Thoughts? Comments?