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Eric Foster Still "In Good Standing"

This morning, Bill Polian issued a statement regarding Eric Foster's situation:

We are aware that a civil action seeking monetary damages has been filed against Eric Foster.

The alleged incident was investigated by law enforcement officials at the time the allegation was made. The appropriate authorities decided that there was no basis for charges to be filed.

Based upon those facts, we have no reason to take any action, or to make any further comment on this matter. Eric Foster is a member of our squad and will participate in our off-season program.

Putting on my super translator, this is what I read:

1. Someone is trying to squeeze money out of a professional football player.

2. The cops already decided the claim was bogus.

3. We're not doing anything and we expect Foster to show up at camp.

Now don't get me wrong.  Even though I am a staunch believer in the notion of "innocent until proven guilty," I am also a big member of "where there's smoke, there's fire," and "if there's fire, this guy should be gone" club.  But when Bill Polian sticks his neck out there to defend a member of the team like this, it should cause us all a little pause.

With about 300 news outlets spreading the word the other day that Foster was being sued in a civil case, hopefully there will be as many who spread Polian's defense of the... defenseman.