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Shake's Final Draft Board

Quite simply this is the order, with the Colts scheme, needs and depth, that I'd take players in the first round.

Tier 1: Dream On
# Player Pos. School H/W Notes
1 Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraksa 6'4" 307lbs Suh is still the man. Great production, racking up 161 tackes, 40 for a loss, 19.5 sacks and 3 INTs (2 returned for TDs!) the past two seasons and worked out well at the combine. If this was a sandlot game, meaning salary and marketing weren't issues, Suh would be the obvious first pick.
2 Eric Berry S/CB Tennessee 6'0" 207lbs A playmaker at safety coming from a Tampa-2 system under Monte Kiffin. Has the cover skills and physicality to play anywhere in the secondary. Berry and Suh are special players.
3 Russel Okung OT Ok. State 6'5" 307lbs The first movement from the pre-combine board. Okung showed freakish wingspan and strength to solidify himself as the clear #1 tackle.
4 Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma 6'4" 295lbs Good enough to be the top DT in the draft most years, coming out this year makes him a consolation prize for a team dreaming of Suh, but whoever drafts him will be happy with what they got.
5 Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech 6'3" 266lbs Generally considered the top end in the class, Morgan is an accomplished pass rusher and strong against the run.

Bryan Bulaga 

OT Iowa 6'6" 314lbs
Not a phenom athlete and coming off a rough year due to a thyroid infection but, Bulaga is as technically sound as it gets in pass pro with strength in the game game.

Earl Thomas (WTHWTD)

S/CB Texas 5'10" 208lbs Thomas is a great young DB who could contribute at safety or corner in a zone scheme, and either stay at safety or with a little time, be converted to CB, in a man D.
8 C.J. Spiller RB/RET Clemson 5'11" 196lbs Yeah the Colts don't need another back but Spiller is a dynamic returner in addition to great running and receiving skills.
# Player Pos. School H/W Notes
Tier 2 Cross your fingers
9 Charles Brown (WTHWTD)
OT USC 6'5" 303lbs Brown is NFL ready in pass pro. He needs to keep bulking up, but he can handle the edge just fine.
10 Brandon Graham (WTHWTD)
DE Michigan 6'1" 268lbs Was absolutely unblockable in the senior bowl and in much of Big10 play. A strong DE he played the run well and even shifted inside on him passing downs. Fantastic college production.
11 Kyle Wilson (WTHWTD)
CB/RET Boise St. 5'10" 194lbs Wilson was a very good returner and has the skills to be an excellent corner.
12 Anthony Davis OT Rutgers 6'6" 330lbs The mauler that the teams unhappy with Okung's size dream of. Of course he comes with the requisite flaw of the type... weight issues. Is listed 34lbs lighter than he began his college career. Some concerns about inconsistent technique and effort.
13 Dan Williams DT Tennessee

6'2" 327lbs

Played the 1-tech in Kiffen's Tampa-2 last year. Most likely to land as a 3-4 NT, but could certainly stay holding steady the middle of a 4-3.

Mike Iupati (WTHWTD)

OG Idaho

6'5" 331lbs

A mauling guard with great athleticism. He's drawn comparisons to Chiefs G/LT Branden Albert. Iupati might be able to develop into a tackle, but his immediate future is as a stud guard.
15 Rodger Saffold (WTHWTD)
OT Indiana 6'5" 316lbs Gaining steam in the offseason, but he had the college career to merit late 1st/early 2nd consideration. Long time starter at LT who kept elite DEs Brandon Graham and Adrian Clayborn pretty quiet in their meetings, holding players who totaled 21 sacks on the year to just 0.5 combined in the 2 games.
16 Trent Williams OT Oklahoma 6'5" 309lbs
Struggled in pass pro at LT last year, but has the athletic tools. Should start out at RT, maybe making the flip back to LT down the road.
17 Maurkice Pouncey (WTHWTD)
C/G Florida 6'4" 304lbs The top center in the class, with experience at guard. Pouncey is the picture of a solid, but not sexy pick.
18 Jerry Hughes (WTHWTD)
DE TCU 6'2" 255lbs Great pass rusher, with the best edge rusher projection in the draft class according to Football Outsiders research into what makes edge rusher success.
19 Devin McCourty (WTHWTD)
CB Rutgers 5'11" 193lbs Perfect scheme fit, primarily a zone guy, but has man experience. Solid size and a very willing and capable run supporter.
20 Kareem Jackson (WTHWTD)
CB Alabama 5'11" 194 Aggressive CB with good man experience and zone skills. Good effort against the run.
Tier 3 Consolation Prizes
21 Jared Odrick (WTHWTD)
DT Penn St. 6'5" 304 Athletic tackle to add size and strength to the 3 tech. Duplicates a lot of what Fili Moala is hoped to do.
22 Golden Tate WR/RET Notre Dame 5'10" 190lbs Great returner, with impressive hands, he ran surprisingly well at the combine. The optimistic comparison is Steve Smith (Carolina edition). How would Indy get him on the field? Shit, I don't know, but the talents certainly worth the pick.
23 Brian Price (WTHWTD)
DT UCLA 6'1" 301lbs Serious concerns about Price's fitness and conditioning have me down on him. The talent to be a disruptive gap shooter is there, but he has to get and stay in shape.
24 Sean Weatherspoon (WTHWTD)
OLB Missouri 6'1" 239lbs Weatherspoon is a ideal prospect for the WILL position and could play the middle as well. He's got very good cover skills and is well rounded elsewhere.
25 Ryan Matthews RB Fresno St.
6'0" 218lbs Excellent runner with a nice size/speed combo. Not a lot of experience in the passing game, but what he showed was positive
26 Jermaine Gresham (WTHWTD)
TE Oklahoma 6'5" 261lbs Gresham's strengths aren't really played to in and in-line blocker role, but he's going to be a very good receiving TE and has the frame to grow into a great blocker.
Tier 4 Time to trade back
27 Sergio Kindle DE Texas 6'3" 250lbs Very good pass rusher, and played the run well at LB, but not experienced or skilled enough in coverage to play LB in Indy

Chad Jones (WTHWTD)

S/LB LSU 6'2" 221lbs Jones is a very intriguing, high potential pick, but he's risky. He doesn't have the speed of the safeties current getting serious PT, and a position change piles on more risk.
Tyson Alualu DT Cal 6'3" 295lbs Alualu's gotten some buzz as a safe late 1st round pick. Unlikely to be an elite player, but not likely to bust out.
30 Everson Griffen (WTHWTD)
DE USC 6'3" 273lbs Strong run defender with legitimate pass rush ability. Would be able to fill the run down DE, and backup DE roles. Underachieved in college.
31 Bruce Campbell OT Maryland 6'6" 314lbs Campbell lit up the combine, but his lack of experience, injury history and shaky on the field play has me thoroughly scared off.