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Stampede Blue at the 2010 NFL Draft

Well, I'm not at Radio City yet, but I will be within the next few hours or so. Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride is with me now, and prior to heading over we're just comparing notes, making fun of mock drafts, and other nonsense as we prep for the first round tonight.

All throughout the day, and well into the evening, I'll provide a "man on the scene" account of what is happening on the floor of Radio City. Joe "shake n bake" Baker will be the main man here while I'm doing this. Be on the look-out for about a gazillion open threads, articles evaluating the draft picks, and possibly a video podcast starring yours truly as I interview folks like Joel, Jason Brewer at Bleeding Green Nation, and anyone else I can pull off to the side at Radio City.

Tonight's prime time broadcast of the 2010 NFL Draft will likely feature several trades, including possibly the Steelers trading Ben Roethlisberger. I'll be honest: I'm as excited for this as I was for the Super Bowl. I hope you enjoy our coverage.

Go Colts!