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Highlights from Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell's press conference on drafting Jerry Hughes in the 2010 NFL Draft

Here's a quick overview of Bill Polian's press conference on the team selecting Jerry Hughes with the 31st pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

  • Hughes always on Colts radar.
  • Lots of versatility
  • Colts have been searching for a "third rusher" for a long time
  • When Freeney and Mathis are healthy, Colts defense is very good. When Freeney and Mathis aren't healthy, team results not good. Adding a third rusher helps keep Freeney and Mathis healthy.
  • Polian thinks Hughes can play right now
  • Hughes will likely play on special teams
  • He will not be used like Raheem Brock (i.e., like a rush tackle), but Polian said Hughes does fill the void left by Brock
  • Hughes was last player on Colts board graded as a "first rounder."
  • If Hughes was gone, Colts probably would have traded out of first round.
  • Colts received several offers to trade out of first round
  • With Hughes, the "need line" crossed the "talent line" by a hair.

Wow. Interesting that Polian essentially states that if Hughes were gone, the Colts would not have drafted Saffold or Brown at 31. Can't wait for rounds 2-3 tomorrow. Will the Colts trade up to get a tackle in round two?