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2010 NFL Draft: Thoughts on Round One

The First Round of the NFL Draft now has had some time to sink in, and I have a few thoughts on the proceedings from last night:

  • The first 7 picks went pretty much according to plan.  It's always good to see teams who were bad last year improve their team with top talent.  We can argue whether the Rams made the right decision going QB (and which QB for that matter), but drafting a QB #1 overall is usually about more than just on-field success (selling tickets).
  • After seemingly drafting the biggest physical freak year after year, the Raiders finally got smart and drafted a legitimate football player in Rolando McClain.  I hear Giants fans were none too happy.
  • The string of picks from 9-13 didn't have one pick that made much sense:
    • Buffalo is going the route of the Titans...Great Running game, no passing game.  Their Front Office really should check out the Winning Stats.
    • Jacksonville took a guy they (and their fans) thought would get taken in the middle of the First round (nice swerve by the Titans), when hardly anyone saw him going in the top 20, let alone at 10.  Good for them if they thought he was the best value/need for the Jaguars, but trading back would have been wise.  And don't tell me they couldn't find anyone to trade back with.  The next 3 picks were all traded back.  Add in the fact that 3 DTs haven't gone in the top 10 since 1975.  DT is not a position you need to reach for, as history has taught us.
    • The 49ers traded up 2 spots to get an OT.  They must have heard somebody was traded with Miami, or else it didn't make sense to move up those 2 spots.  Easily the best of these 5 picks.
    • The Chargers moved up 16 spots to take their RB, giving up the #40 pick for him.  Reeks of desperation by the Chargers.
    • The Eagles moved up to #13 to take Earl Thomas Brandon Graham.  This would make sense if he was regarded as the clear best DE available, but he wasn't.  I guess he was to the Eagles, and started a run on DEs.
  • I think the Seahawks were the winners of Round 1.  Starting LT, and starting Safety that is versatile.  Looks like Poodle has more of a clue, so far, this time around.
  • Remember those Giants fans from above?  It was more of the same after they picked soon-to-be-überbust Jason Pierre-Paul.  Looks like they still hadn't recovered from Al Davis picking correctly.
  • Lots of other solid picks, filling needs for the Titans through the Bengals.
  • Green Bay got an absolute steal with Bryan Bulaga.  He's a great fit.  I wish the Colts could have gone up and got him, but it just wasn't in the cards.  Same with Dez Bryant and the Cowboys.  Jerry Jones said his only regret was not drafting Randy Moss because of character issues.  Jerry did something right this time around.
  • More solid picks, all defense, from 26-29.  Those AFC East teams all trying to stop each others' offenses.
  • The team with the 2nd best First Round was the Lions, getting Suh and coming back into the back end of the draft to get Jahvid Best.  I don't think this year will be the year, but 2011 could be a breakout year for the Lions.  They are stockpiling really talented players.
  • The Saints reached for a CB in Patrick Robinson.  That made me happy.
  • The three schools who have the most players drafted of all time, Notre Dame, USC, and Ohio State, all were shut out of the first round.  Meanwhile, two Rutgers players were drafted (2nd and 3rd first rounders ever), and players from Fresno State, Idaho, Boise State, and TCU were all drafted in the first round.  I could do a post on just this bullet, which I may do next week.

That brings me to my hometown team, the Denver Broncos.  They started at pick #11, traded back twice, then traded up once to take a WR, with a lot of talent, who played in a triple option offense.  I think this pick was a bit of a reach, but ok.  They needed a receiver, and they got one.

Not 15 minutes later, we saw just how large Josh McDaniels' ego was, when he gave up 3 picks to get a project QB in the first round, Tim Tebow.  This is the biggest sign showing that it's all about McDaniels in Denver, and he believes he's the smartest guy in the NFL.  He wants to prove just how smart he is by taking a guy who has so many things wrong with his game, and turn him into Tom Brady.  Really what he's done, though, is risk his entire career on a single player.  Look at what they got/received over the past few weeks, and you tell me how smart he is (compiled by shake n bake):

Broncos Gave:
Brandon Marshall
Tony Scheffler
1st Round Pick (#11)
3rd Round Pick (#70)
4th Round Pick (#113)
4th Round Pick (#114)

Broncos Got:
Demaryius Thomas
Tim Tebow
3rd Round Pick (#87)
5th Round Pick (#137)
2011 2nd Round Pick (MIA)

He better turn this thing around real quick, as I'd be furious if this had been the Colts. 

By the way, I'm assuming Tebow is here in Denver today.   He's getting a nice present...6-8 inches of snow.  This ain't Florida any more.