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2010 NFL Draft: Second Round- Open Thread

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(image credit: Coltsfan723)

Today at Radio City, the energy and the excitement is as potent as it was yesterday. It really feels like a new First Round. Fans are filing in, making noise, etc. The buzz in the room involves trades, trades, and more trades.Pertaining to the Colts, it's unlikely that they will trade up to get a tackle. However, the Rams, Chiefs, and Lions are all in trade talks for their top picks in the second round.

This is our first of many open threads we will have for the Second and third Rounds tonight. Enjoy!

  1. (33) St. Louis: Rodger Saffold
  2. (34) Minnesota (from DET): Chris Cook
  3. (35) Tampa Bay: Brian Price
  4. (36) Kansas City: Dexter McCluster
  5. (37) Philly (from WAS): Nate Allen
  6. (38) Cleveland: