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BBS' take on Colts selecting Pat Angerer in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft

While I'm sure Joe "shake n bake" Baker is happy that yet another Iowa kid is on the roster, I think we all agree that the Colts didn't need a friggin' linebacker in the Second Round. The Colts needed a left tackle, and at pick #63 the Colts passed on Charles Brown, left tackle at USC, and selected Pat Angerer, a linebacker. Interestedly, the team that beat the Colts in Super Bowl 44, the Saints, scooped up Brown minutes after the Colts passed on him.

To say that I'm not happy with this pick is an understatement. This is a bad pick. A "reach" pick.

I get the sense that since Polian has been so horrible taking linemen of late that he might be a little gun shy of taking yet another o-lineman in the second round. I know that sounds odd, but this is the same Bill Polian who busted on Tony Ugoh in 2007 and Mike Pollak in 2008. I'm sorry, but you cannot sit there and tell me that Charlie Johnson is a better left tackle than Charles Brown. And considering that the Super Bowl Champion Saints took Brown at pick #64, you can't tell me that we was not "worthy" of a second round pick.

And passing on him for a linebacker like Angerer? Makes absolutely no sense.

Angerer has great instincts and was a tackling machine at Iowa. But, is he a better linebacker than Philip Wheeler? Does he replace Gary Brackett? Give Clint Session a run at WILL? I'm sure Angerer will be great on special teams. I'm sure he'll provide some great things, but as a back-up. He won't be starting next year, not unless there's an injury.

We needed a starter at pick #63. Not a back-up, special teams player.

Again, I don't hate the idea of the Colts taking Angerer. He seems to fit the bill as a Colts linebacker. But at pick #63, he was a reach. Polian seems to have something against lineman in the first two rounds now. At some point, VERY soon, the Colts need to get a left tackle. Anyone thinking this team will win a Super Bowl next year with the o-line we currently have is delusional. Absolutely delusional.

One fun fact about Angerer: He ate 27 pancakes at a charity event. Hopefully, he eats a few ball-carriers over the middle as the Colts new linebacker.

Regardless of Polian making a bad pick here, welcome to the Colts Pat Angerer!