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Dr. Blue's Health of the Franchise - Pat Angerer

Our series continues with the 2nd pick of the 2010 draft, Pat Angerer.


Pat Angerer, LB

Date of Injury: 2003, 2004, 2007

Nature of Injury: 2003 - broken left hand; 2004 - broken right hand, cracked vertebrae; 2007 - Mononucleosis, hamstring, groin, shoulder

Typical Rehab Process/Duration: Broken hand - cast, rehab for 8-12 weeks.  Mono - rest for 4+ weeks, sometimes much longer.  Hamstring, groin, shoulder - rest or surgery depending on severity; weeks to months.

Players who have suffered similar injuries:  Dwight Freeney (hamstring)



Digging way into Pat's past I found reference to a few broken bones, including a cracked vertebrae that failed to keep him out of his high school state championship game.  He seemed to struggle with his resolve a bit during his period of injuries, but his family stood behind him and encouraged him to press on.  Thankfully, he maintained the resolve needed to return to the field during his junior year at Iowa.

Despite Angerer's injuries in 2007, he showed great durability in 2008 and 2009, playing in all 26 games and starting 24 of them.  I don't think he'll be starting for the Colts this year, and I'm not even sure he'll see much time in games, but I think that will be due to experience, not health.


Dr. Blue's Prognosis - Likelihood of Game 1 Appearance: Low due to experience, but healthy enough to do so if required