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2010 NFL Draft Thoughts and impressions heading into Round Three

It's the last day of the 2010 NFL Draft at New York's Radio City Music Hall. While I am still steaming at what seems to be two more wasted second and third round picks by Bill Polian, I'll say that the experience of the draft at Radio City has been very special. It is a unique experience to be in the "pit," sitting with reporters less than 15 feet from Mel Kiper Jr. continuing to pontificate on Jimmy Clausen. Meanwhile, several feet up in the balcony seats, hundreds of NFL fans are heckling the TV personalities at ESPN and NFL Network.

"Hey Kipah! Eat a c*ck!"

"Berman! You're with me leather!"

"She said 'No!' She said 'No!'"

The She said 'No!' reference comes up by the peanut gallery every time the Pittsburgh Steelers make a selection. Whenever the Patriots or Eagles pick, there are booes.

After getting selected in the second round, Rob Gronkowski did some weird dance on stage with his prop Pats helmet on while his family cheered him on. I met Rob on Wednesday and he was very nice and gracious to answer questions. 

For me, odd little moments of running into various writers and personalities have defined this draft. For example:

  • Just after the Colts third round pick, I'm going over scouting reports on Kevin Thomas and I start bemoaning the selection. I call Jason Brewer of BGN over and I read off the knocks on Thomas. In front of us, Tony Pauline and Don Banks of SI turn around and listen to me listing off all the problems associated with the pick, and begin to chuckle. I look up and see Banks and Pauline smiling. "Hey Don!" I say, "Write this down: Bill Polian sucks in the third round. I've got the stats to prove it." Banks laughs and both turn back around to finish their stories.
  • I ran into my "buddy" Mike Florio again. He graciously submitted himself to being tortured interviewed by me. So, look for BBS savagely mutilates talks with Florio later today.
  • Prior to leaving Radio City last night, I stop off in the can. While taking a wizz, someone walks in with another person and they start using the urinal behind me. One of the guys is talking, and I think to myself, Is that guy doing some kind of stupid Jon Gruden impersonation? I turn around (after flushing and zipping-up, thank you) AND IT IS JON GRUDEN. Amazingly, Gruden's taking a piss while talking about "some guy" that he "really likes." 

We'll have more videos and podcasts wrapping up the NFL Draft later today. Hope you are enjoying our coverage.