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2010 NFL Draft: Inside the Numbers - Colts LB Pat Angerer

The Colts have had some good success selecting players from the University of Iowa, so even though this seems like a reach by the Colts, I'm optimistic that, based on his college production, LB Pat Angerer will turn out to be a stud, much like Dallas Clark and Bob Sanders.

It's pretty clear the Colts really value college production over professional expectations, and Angerer is no exception.  Time to look at some numbers:

Year Tackles TFL Sacks INTs PBU
2006 5 0 0 0 0
2007 1 0 0 0 0
2008 107 6.5 1 5 3
2009 145 5 1 1 5
Total 258 11.5 2 6 8

Can you guess which years he was a starter?  It's also pretty clear (like shake told us earlier) Angerer was asked to drop into pass coverage much more than he was asked to rush the passer.  I could see a role for him where he'd come in on obvious passing downs, and play with Gary Brackett.  He seems like a perfect fit for that role. Angerer's true test will be when he has to cover the top TEs in the league.  He will have a great teacher in Brackett too, which is great for the Colts future.

The sheer number of tackles is also very impressive.  In 2009, his tackles / game (11.2) ranked 4th nationally, and his Big Ten only numbers (12.8/game) was best in the conference.  This is something that is absolutely required for a Colts LB, as I'm sick of seeing big RBs break tackle after tackle.  His toughness will be a welcomed asset to the defense.

Angerer seems like the perfect plug-and-play LB for the Colts defense.  While he played MLB at Iowa, and will fit in best there in the NFL, I think he could play either OLB spot in a pinch, and will play a critical role in the Passing game.  For the 2nd pick in a row, the Colts addressed Stopping the Pass on defense.  I like it.