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With the 162nd pick of the draft the Indianapolis Colts select: Brody Eldridge, TE, Oklahoma

So, with a lineman finally in the fold, what will the Colts 5th rounder be? A tackle like Kyle Calloway or Selvish Capers? Another DB like Donovan Warren, Al Jefferson or Myron Rolle? Or (most likely) none of the above?

The pick?

Brody Eldridge, TE, Oklahoma.  6'5" 265lb blocking TE, Eldridge started games at guard and center to his blocking skills. Eldridge isn't a tackle, but he'll be a big help to the blocking on the edges. Receiving numbers are completely unspectacular, so don't expect much from him there, but he'll make a nice 6th lineman to run teams out of extra DB subpackages and help the Colts tackles keep rushers off the edges in pass pro.