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BBS' take on the Colts selecting Ricardo Mathews in round seven (pick 238) in the 2010 NFL Draft

Colts continue to take defense in this draft, snagging Ricardo Mathews, a DT from Cincinnati. Mathews seems to fit the mold for DTs in Larry Coyer's Tampa-2 (6'2, 295). He can get push inside, but doesn't seem to have any explosion or quickness.

From NFP:

Mathews lacks power at the point of attack and struggles to anchor when the opposition runs at him. He does a nice job keeping his base down and extending his arms into blocks. But he lacks ideal balance on the move and consistently ends up on the ground. Mathews possesses a decent first step vs. the pass game, but he has a tendency to get too high on contact and struggles to fight his way through blocks. He looks a lot more dangerous when asked to stunt and showcases a good pop on contact. Mathews keeps his base down and has some lateral mobility inside. He isn't explosive when asked to close, but he can create push inside. He is easily sealed away from the ball in all areas of the game and is routinely overwhelmed on run plays inside.

Mathews seems to trend as a three-tech tackle, not someone who is going to engage blockers and free people up. What he does add is some depth at DT. Is he going to supplant Daniel Muir or Antonio Johnson? Should Fili Moala be shaking? No. But, he fits the bill, physically, more than Mitch King or Eric Foster do. It will be interesting to see if he makes the roster, either active or practice squad.

In terms of depth at DT, it's a nice pick. Again, at this round, you're just taking the best still out there.

Welcome to the Colts Ricardo Mathews!