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BBS' take on the Colts selecting Kavell Conner in the seventh round (pick 240) in the 2010 NFL Draft

Kavell Conner fits what the Colts like in linebackers. He's roughly 6'0, but at 242 pounds, he likely trends more as a SAM backer. Conner was a top performer at the NFL Scouting Combine, running a 4.63 40. That was third best out of all linebackers there. Because of his speed, Kavell has "special teams" written all over him.

But, speed is not everything with Kavell:

Conner was a very productive player in college. He's a tough, competitive performer who plays a little bigger than his listed measurables. Exhibits strong tackling ability on contact and in the open field. Has range to make plays at the sideline in pursuit.

Kavell's negatives are his coverage skills, and he seems to have trouble diagnosing the run. These don't bother me. Kavell seems a good value pick here: Speed, toughness, and sideline-to-sideline running.

NFP really likes him:

He generates good power on contact and can quickly sniff out the ball inside and shoot the lanes toward the ball. He displays good overall range vs. the run game but doesn't make the amount of plays his athletic tools would indicate he should due to lack of instincts, awareness and the ability to beat blocks inside.

He ranks as a bit of a steal here. NFP had him ahead of Stevenson Sylveste and Dekoda Watson. Nice pick here, Mr. Polian.

Welcome to the Colts, Kavell Conner!