Know Your Colts History: Costly Youth Ironworks


[Apologies for the delay, I didn't want to interfere with everyone's outstanding draft coverage this weekend. -Jake]

The NFL Draft shakes up the roster of every team in the NFL. As new, young talent come in to challenge established veterans, lineups must be rearranged to accommodate new talent.

In the same vein, when the Colts’ most recent draftees names are rearranged, they reveal a lot about the true identity of the players the Colts just acquired. Don’t believe me? Consider the following:

Jerry Hughes = Jerry’s Huge H. The H stands for "Hammer" of course.

Pat Angerer = Entrap Rage. I like this guy already.

Kevin Thomas = Shaken Vomit. I like this guy too.

Jacques McClendon = He's so earth-shaking, his name can't even be arranged

Brody Eldridge = Bodily Dredger. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to meet Brody near a graveyard.

Ricardo Matthews = A Detractor’s Whim. Being drafted in the 7th round may make you feel like someone's whim, but he'll prove his worth soon enough.

Kavell Conner = Carve on Knell. That's a pretty apt description of linebacker's job duties.

Ray Fisher = Fiery Rash. That's what the opposition's special teams unit will have to deal with after Ray has returned another kick to endzone.

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