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2010 NFL Draft: Draft grades for the Colts

BBS' pic from the press area at Radio City Music Hall
BBS' pic from the press area at Radio City Music Hall

Everyone gives out draft grades. They are just part of the post-draft process. And, while people like me shrug our shoulders at them, the reality is they do help frame the draft in terms of how fans potentially saw it go down. Also, they provide excellent fodder to use later when some draft guru like Mel "Jimmy Clausen is a first day pick" Kiper Jr. is proven so embarrassingly wrong it almost makes you feel sorry for the guy.


Speaking of Kiper:

Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN (via Paul Kuharsky)

He likes Jerry Hughes but thought Pat Angerer was a reach in Round 2 and "could have been around even at that No. 94 slot where Indy picked Kevin Thomas." He rates Thomas a risk because of injury history. In general, nothing flashy. "But I'm never going to believe Bill Polian won't prove me wrong on at least one of these guys."

Grade: C

After the jump, more report cards.

Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News

Hughes is a perfect fit in Indy's undersized speed pass-rush scheme, and he inexplicably fell to them at the end of the first round. Eldridge was the best-blocking tight end in this draft, and Angerer plays with anger against the run.

Grade: C

R.J. White, Fanhouse

The Colts improved depth behind their bookend defensive ends with Jerry Hughes, and he fits the type of draft pick that has been successful in Indy for so long.

Grade: B+

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports

Polian's track record is very good and I do like the pick of Hughes. But why not take a tackle early? I also like third-round pick Kevin Thomas.

Grade: B-

I gave the Colts just two "A" grades out of their eight selections; I wasn't particularly in love with anything Polian did after obtaining Hughes. But knowing Polian, at least half of the players he secured will turn out to be solid starters down the road.

My only issue with this draft is that the Colts failed to upgrade the offensive line. Peyton Manning wasn't sacked often last year, but he was knocked down often after hurrying many throws. I have to wonder why Charles Brown wasn't an option at No. 61.

Grade: B

Fox Sports

Bill Polian said he wanted defense in this draft and he went out and did exactly that. TCU pass rusher Jerry Hughes fits the Dwight Freeney mold and should help immediately in the rotation. Iowa MLB Pat Angerer has the right name for a football player and should back up Gary Brackett. He's a very instinctive player and was highly productive in college. USC's Kevin Thomas has played against some of the best in the Pac-10 and fits the Indy mold. Oklahoma's Brody Elridge (6-5, 261) was the best blocking tight end in the draft and fills a short-yardage need. Tennessee OG Jacques McClendon gives the team some depth on what is a questionable offensive line.

Grade: B

Chris Steuber,

After the Colts selected TCU defensive end Jerry Hughes in the first round, their draft was boring and filled with projects and reaches. The Colts usually draft well and have an eye for talent, but it seemed like they outsmarted themselves. Drafting Iowa linebacker Pat Angerer in the second round was a major reach, and he is someone they could have targeted in the third round. Angerer is a solid, hardnosed player, but there were players that had more value on the board. USC cornerback Kevin Thomas was also a reach in the third round. He’s had injury problems throughout his career, and while being talented, he should be considered a high-risk prospect.

Grade: C-