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Did Ray Fisher strong-arm the Colts into drafting him?

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I'm almost as excited about the selection of Ray Fisher as I am about Jerry Hughes. Polian practically gushed about the kid from Indiana University during his press conference on the last day of the 2010 NFL Draft. It's also interesting that Polian essentially told reporters on Tuesday that no duel-return threats on special teams were still available for rounds 4-7. Then, in the 7th Round, he takes Fisher, a corner known for his excellent duel-return skills.

Bill Polian, you sneaky red fox, you!

Despite Polian telling the press one thing and then doing another, the drafting of Fisher had another odd angle attached to it. After reading about the conversation between Fisher and Colts prior to the team's final pick in the draft, it sounds like Fisher basically told the Colts, Draft me now, or I won't sign with you! Here's what Fisher had to say about the conversation [emphasis mine]:

Fisher said he spoke with the Colts leading to the draft, and again Saturday.

"They called me a couple of times and asked me a couple of questions," he said. "I asked them to make the right decision. They called me today twice. They asked me if I wanted to be a Colt. I said, 'Yes.' They had a pick coming up, and I asked them to make the right decision."

Kind of ballsy of a college kid telling a pro team like the Colts to "make the right decision" on draft day. I guess the "wrong decision" would have been the Colts pass on Fisher and try to sign him in collegiate free agency. Fisher, upset the Colts passed on him, then signs with the Titans and makes it his mission in life to kick the crap out of Polian and the Colts.

It kind of reminds me of another college kid issuing a "You better draft me" ultimatum to Polian:

When the small talk was over, I said, "Mr. Polian, if you draft me on April 18th, I'll be glad to come here. I really will. I'd like to be the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts."

and I paused and added, "But if you don't draft me, I'm going to kick your ass for the next fifteen years."

While I doubt Ray Fisher will have the same impact on the Colts as Peyton Manning did when he was drafted in 1998, I really, really hope he makes the active roster and makes an strong statement to be the full-time punt and kick returner.

I like his moxie already.

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