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OK, now it's your turn: Grade the Colts 2010 NFL Draft

I gave this draft crop a "B."

Mel Kiper Jr.: "C"

Rick Gosselin: "C" "C-"

What's your grade? Keep in mind that, for many people, draft grades are all about how people perceive the picks based on what limited information they know. It's a way to gauge interest and excitement going into the 2010 season. You might recall that, after the 2007 Draft, I wrote this:

This was a masterful draft by Polian, and puts the Colts in the position they want to be in: Recharged and ready to repeat with fresh bodies and hungry football players.

Now, three years later, Anthony Gonzalez has not lived up to expectations, and likely has lost his starting job to Pierre Garcon, a 6th rounder from Mount Union in 2008. Tony Ugoh was a complete bust, as were third rounders Quinn Pitcock (out of football) and Dante Hughes (out of football). Roy Hall has done nothing but be injured, and Michael Coe's career seems to have been cut short by a knee injury.

Again, by every objective measurement we know, the 2007 Draft was an utter failure. Yet, when it first happened, the draft grades were positive across the board. I remember being very excited about that draft. Now, I shake my head at it. Polian passed up on guys like Paul Posluszny, LaMarr Woodley, Le'Ron McClain, and Jay Alford. Does this mean Polian sucks and he should be fired? NO! What, do you think I'm THAT crazy?

I'm just pointing out that no one is perfect going into the draft, and even the best can make stupid decisions on draft day.

With that, grade away. Be harsh. Be honest. Don't ever think that your opinion is "meaningless" if it conflicts with the great Bill Polian, who was responsible for the horror show that was the 2007 Draft as well as the seemingly brilliant 2009 Draft, which featured Austin Collie, Jerraud Powers, and Pat McAfee.