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SBN College Bloggers talk Colts picks from the 2010 NFL Draft

SBN's got a lot of college blogs. However, when four of the Colts draft picks come from Iowa, USC, Tennessee, and Oklahoma, it brings a smile to my face not because I have any loyalty to those schools (I don't), but because the blogs that cover those schools will most certainly provide me with great information on players.

After the jump, I have collected for you some quotes and other tidbits about our new draft picks from Black Heart, Gold Pants (Iowa), Conquest Chronicles (USC), Rocky Top Talk (Tennessee), and Crimson and Cream Machine (OU). I encourage you to go to those blogs and ask more questions about players. Folks over there are more than happy to chat up Pat Angerer, Kevin Thomas, Jacques McClendon, and Brody Eldridge.

So You've Drafted Pat Angerer: A New Owners Guide- Black Heart Gold Pants

During his first three years in the program, Angerer was buried on the depth chart and beset by sundry injuries and a bout of mononucleosis. He was widely rumored to be on his way out after a one-tackle sophomore year, and really, nobody would have noticed; he would have been just another 3rd stringer that couldn't cut it, for all we'd have known.

But Angerer stuck with it, and he took over the middle linebacker spot from returning starter Jacody Coleman. Once in place atop the two-deeps, Angerer recorded two straight seasons of over 100 tackles. He's better in pass coverage than it would appear, though A.J. Edds is the superior cover linebacker of the two. Where Angerer really shines is between the tackles, though; his instincts in hitting gaps are nonpareil, and he's athletic enough to not let a back get away once he's in position to make a play.

USC's NFL Draft Write-up and other Draft day musings- Conquest Chronicles

I thought Kevin Thomas went a little higher than I thought he would but he went into great situation in Indianapolis.

Former Tennessee Volunteers in the 2010 Draft- Rocky Top Talk

There were buckets of surprise being passed around the interwebs when Indianapolis picked McClendon in the 4th round. McClendon wasn't invited to the NFL Combine and didn't play in any college all-star games, yet the Colts apparently love his combination of size, speed, and intellect, the latter of which McClendon realizes he's going to need to play on the offensive line in front of Peyton Manning:

"I really didn't expect to go so early, but then my cell phone rang and it was the Colts GM (Bill Polian) telling me they were about to take me with their next pick. I got really excited and told him there was no other organization I would want to play for."

2010 OU Draft Prospects: Brody Eldridge- Crimson and Cream Machine

When you think Oklahoma tight ends in correlation with the 2010 NFL draft one's mind immediately goes to super human freak Jermaine Gresham. However, there's another former Sooner tight end eligible for this year's draft that proved to be both durable and versatile in 2009. Brody Eldridge very well may have been Oklahoma's best all around football player in 2009 and is now looking to move on to a career in the NFL.