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2010 Colts undrafted free agent rookies (with video!)

This article is very much inspired by supercolt's excellent FanPost, which lists all the undrafted rookies for 2010, that we currently know of, and attaches some YouTube goodness to their names. For this follow-up post, I've taken the time to embed the videos into the post. This way, you can view all our rookies kicking the crap out of their competition within the warm, friendly confines of the Stampede Blue website.

I'll just say it right now, because I agree with supercolt: Vuna Tuihalamaka will make the active football roster. Damn impressive-looking linebacker. Don't know why this kid wasn't drafted.

Vuna Tuihalamaka, LB, Arizona

6'2, 230 pounds, 4.65 40 time

David Caldwell, S, William & Mary

5'11, 212 pounds

Brandon King, CB, Purdue

5'11, 195 pounds

Javarris "Baby J" James, RB, The U. of Miami

6'1, 215 pounds

This run looks positively "Edge-like"

Thad Turner, CB, Ohio University

5'10, 188 pounds, 4.51 40

Blair White, WR, Michigan State

6'2, 200 pounds

QB, Tim Hiller, Western Michigan

6'5, 234 pounds

Hiller's at around the 7:30 mark

Mike Newton, S, Buffalo

5'11, 200 pounds

Again, so far it is looking like a damn good crop of rookies heading into 2010.