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Live from New York, it's Stampede Blue!

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We had a lot of success covering Super Bowl 44 live from Miami this past January. In fact, as many of you have emailed me about, it might have been our best month as a blog. Well, because of that success, we've been asked to cover yet another major NFL event live from the event location: The 2010 NFL Draft.

From April 22-24, I will be covering the NFL Draft LIVE from Radio City Music Hall. I will be there with four other SB Nation writers, though my job will be to provide content for both Stampede Blue and Mocking the Draft.

The way I see it, my job is to provide unique, voice-of-the-fan-style content from the floor for Radio City. In addition, I will have access to players, coaches, and league officials. This means interviews, interviews, INTERVIEWS! I must have done 50 interviews at the Super Bowl, and I will likely hit a similar number at the draft. Players, family members, scouts, team reps, coaches, lions, tigers, bears, oh my!

Also, when news on trades, upcoming picks, and other tidbits hits me, I'll use our Twitter, Facebook, and the quick commenting tools in our draft open threads to send you any breaking news I receive.

One "wild card" element I've heard floating around the mediaverse the last few weeks is that because the first round has its own day (Thursday night), there is more time for teams to contemplate and accept trades. Teams are offered trades for picks all the time on draft day. The problem is most teams do not have enough time to accurately digest whether the trade helps them or not. For the first round, it looks like there is more time, and thus we may see more big trades.

As always, I'll do my best to represent our blog and our community at the draft. We will make special pages here for draft day content, and there will be some really great podcasting stuff as well. We're looking to do more video podcasts live from the event along with regular Stampede Blue Radio podcasts to go with some Mocking the Draft radio as well.

In short, I will get very little sleep from April 21-24. But, in the end, we will make Stampede Blue THE PLACE to be for Colts fans looking for pre-draft, live draft, and post-draft info and commentary. We hope you enjoy it.

Go Colts!