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Colts rookie mini-camp begins today; still no official word on rookie free agents

Today, the Colts will begin their rookie mini-camp. It's the first of several mini-camps scheduled between now and June 11th. From

The idea is simple, and as without pressure as is possible in an NFL environment.

Jim Caldwell, entering his second season as the Colts' head coach, said the objective of the Colts' rookie camp this weekend has little to do with evaluation, competition or anything of the like.

It's about acclimation. It's about orientation.

And mostly, Caldwell said, it's about information.

Speaking of information, the rookie mini-camp starts today, and we still no official word from the Colts as to who their rookie free agents are. Several other NFL teams have posted their rookie free agents list. Yet, for some reason, I don't think the Colts have made an announcement. Not even a partial list announcement. I've contacted the Colts to see if something was posted on about the rookie signings.

Despite this lack of info, we do know through our own sources that the following rookies were signed and should be at mini-camp today:

Hopefully, we will have some kind of announcement soon. I mean, seriously, we've seen more updates on cheerleader auditions than we have rookie signings at While I have no problem watching half-naked women dance for my amusement, I don't go to to get updates on cheerleaders.

All eight draft picks are expected to attend rookie camp today as well.

[UPDATE]: The Colts have responded to me and said they will have something up on the site later today.