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Colts sign defensive end Trevor Anderson from Michigan State; update roster page with 2010 rookie free agents

Well, it's not quite an official announcement, but it will do for now, I guess. The Colts have updated their roster page this afternoon, adding in all the rookie free agents we told you they'd signed over the past week or so. One interesting addition is defensive end Trevor Anderson from Michigan State.

A scouting report from National Football Post, which ranks him as the 58th defensive end in the 2010 draft class, reads:

A decent athlete who has the ability to get off the ball on time and threaten the corner, Anderson does a nice job dropping his shoulder and flattening out along the edge. He plays with good natural leverage and does well holding the point and pumping his legs toward the ball. He exhibits decent closing speed once he gains a step but isn't overly explosive in any area of the game. Anderson isn't sudden and lacks the ability to cleanly change directions as a pass rusher. He struggles fighting through blocks once opposing linemen get their hands on him, and he can be easily sealed on contact.

At 6'1, 260 pounds, he's a good "fit" for what the Colts like in speed rushers off the edge. Whether or not he can do this consistently, or at all, remains to be seen.

After the jump, more analysis on Anderson.


Positive: Undersized yet athletic college defensive end who makes plays in every direction of the field. Moves well on his feet, uses his hands to protect himself and fluid getting out to the flanks to chase down ball-carriers. Plays with good pad level, easily redirects to the action, and loses little momentum changing direction. Works his hands to protect himself, gets underneath opponents and plays with good balance. Tough and works hard to get off blocks.

Negative: Must take wide angle angles around blockers. Easily knocked off balance by the first block or engulfed by opponents. Marginal skill in pursuit.

Analysis: Anderson has been relatively productive the past two seasons at Michigan State yet has size limitations. Offers potential as a nickel pass rusher or occasionally stood over tackle in a 3-4 alignment.

None of the rookie free agents have assigned numbers yet on All the draft picks do, including Ray Fisher, who took Marlin Jackson's old number 28.