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Our old buddy Albert Haynesworth has worn out his welcome in Washington

Albert Haynesworth was always a dirt bag.

Despite his tremendous talent, his work ethic is atrocious. Remember when people gave the Colts crap about picking Dwight Freeney over Haynesworth in 2002? I do. And while Dwight Freeney is building a Hall of Fame resume, Haynesworth's career continues to circle the drain. "Fat Albert" could have been one of the greatest defensive players in the modern era of football. Now, he's about to get bounced from his second team in two years.

According to NFL Network's Jason La Canfora, the Redskins are trying to deal Haynesworth just one year after making him one of the highest paid defensive players in league history. We know the Skins dangled Hayenesworth in with the Donovan McNabb deal, and the Eagles said "No!" Clearly, new personnel heads Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan are not happy with Albert on their roster, and since this year there is no salary cap, the onus to move him is likely not financial.

Now, obviously, some of you might scratch your chin and ponder the possibility of Haynesworth in Indianapolis playing alongside Freeney and Robert Mathis. We know that at the Pro Bowl in 2009, Peyton Manning jokingly tried to recruit Haynesworth to the Colts.

Forget it. Not happening.Peyton Manning does not make personnel decisions, and for good reason.

The Colts reached the Super Bowl with Daniel Muir and Antonio Johnson as the starting DTs, with Fili Moala as the primary back-up. They dominated in the playoffs, holding great rushing teams like the Ravens, Jets, and Saints to a total of 242 yards rushing (80 yards a game). Considering that Muir and Johnson are cheap, play hard, and act as locker-room leaders, why would you want to add Haynesworth into the equation? I mean, the dude was notorious for taking plays off in Tennessee with the Titans. Are we shocked he's busted up in Washington?

The Redskins should ship his fat ass to Oakland, where he can finish out his playing days dogging it for an owner who drinks human blood and shuns sunlight.