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NCAA Men's Basketball Title Game

A fantastic matchup. 5 vs 1, Mid-Major vs Power Conference, Program on the Rise vs Perennial Powerhouse, Good vs Evil

Butler vs Dook the NCAA BB crown.

8:21 central tipoff.

GO Butler


In the SB brackett challenge there is no suspense since none of the 30 complete entries picked Dook or Butler to win the title. Meaning the top spot goes to "Big Pimpin" for his entry "Just the Tip".  Ok then.  Mr. Indianapolis Colts and TorontoColtsFan came in at 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Rounding up to SB writers in the pool, I finished 10th and Mgrex will surely tell you his pick set's name is accurate as his brackett "Statistical Anomaly" ranked dead last at 30th. Tied at 16th was a brackett that may have belongs to Colts Homer given that it's named "Tim Jennings Sucks".

Congrats, and Go Butler!