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More gabbin' about Gaither

Not long ago, reports surfaced that the Baltimore Ravens were interested in trading left tackle Jared Gaither for something lower than the first round tender they offered him. This caused Colts fans around here to perk up and go "Whaaaaaa?"

Well, of course, the whole thing was a crock of bird poo. Turns out the Ravens floated the rumor out there in an effort to get Gaither "motivated" to attend voluntary workouts with the rest of the team. So, remember this the next time you hear John Harbaugh or Bill Polian get all huffy and puffy about "baseless" rumors getting circulated about this and that. Teams themselves float around more false rumors than any blogger could ever dream up. Everyone knows it.

Again, as I stated a few weeks ago, we aren't getting Gaither. And since the lazy bum doesn't see the need to attend workouts with his team, why would we want him?