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It's Almost April 12... Do You Know Where Your Players Are?

Over the past few weeks, several NFL teams have started their off-season conditioning and strengthening programs.  For me, this conjures images of a fairly relaxed, yet focused, atmosphere as players collect at club headquarters, pop in some tunes, and lift some weights.  There is also going to be continuing rehab, such as Jerraud Powers with his foot, and we might hear about Peyton Manning doing some extra stretching and strengthening of the neck after his little "procedure" last month.  And we may even hear about some players hitting the practice field to toss a few balls and run some routes.

The big question for me, though, is who will show up?  Who will stay home?  I haven't heard of any of the Colts' RFAs signing their tenders yet, so we have to brace ourselves for the possibility that none of them will participate.  And with player concern over the CBA, there may even be a few under contract who opt not to attend.

I'd like to hear from you... who do you think will be walking through those doors next Monday? Who do you think will stay away?