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Sean Lee spends some time visiting Colts

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The Colts have a strong relationship with Penn State football. Jim Caldwell once worked for Joe Paterno, and the Colts top brass have always taken a shining to Penn State talent (see Ed Johnson). So, it is not surprise that Penn State linebacker Sean Lee recently visited the Colts, according to National Football Post.

Just speculating here, but since Lee is still recovering from an ACL injury in 2008, the Colts likely brought him in to ascertain his health. Again, visits do not necessarily mean OMG THE COLTS WILL DRAFT THIS GUY! However, logic suggests that if the Colts are inviting the guy to their facility, they have an interest in him. Anyone thinking Bill Polian is inviting college players to West 56th Street to just mess with the minds of other teams is a bit silly. Plus, doing something like that is pretty disrespectful of the college kid.

They probably interviewed Lee, gave him some kind of medical evaluation, and when he left the Colts either moved him up or down on their draft board. At 6'2, 234 pounds, Lee would be a tall presence at middle linebacker when compared to Gary Brackett (5'11, 235). From Mocking the Draft:

Lee bounced back nicely following a scary ACL injury as a junior. In his senior season, Lee had 86 tackles and 11 tackles for a loss in 10 games. He's a heady, tough player who is fundamentally sound. However, his injury past may knock him down in the draft.

According to NFL Draft Scout, Lee is a projected 2nd or 3rd round pick.

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