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Is Adam Vinatieri on the bubble?

PFT's Gregg Rosenthal (Pats fan) kind mis-interpreted a Paul Kuharsky quote about Adam Vinatieri. Here's what Kuharsky said in response to a question about Brett Swenson, the collegiate free agent kicker the Colts brought in after the 2010 NFL Draft.

Here's Kuharsky on the Colts kicking situation:

I don’t see them carrying two placekickers, so if they like the kid [Swenson] and Vinatieri isn’t solid through camp and healthy coming out of it, it’s possible they’d make a change. They’d sure like the reliable and proven veteran to be the guy though, especially after being so patient with him last season.

Gregg's interp after reading that is to suggest "Vinatieri may not be a lock" as placekicker next year. Again, the only real "lock" on this roster is Peyton Manning. Every player is evaluated, and just about every player has to "win their job" in OTAs and camp, so to speak.

If, in training camp and pre-season, Jerry Hughes goes out there and sets the world on fire while Dwight Freeney looks old, slow, and not fully recovered from multiple injuries (as Vinatieri was last year), the Colts would certainly give serious consideration to benching Freeney for Hughes. Now, realistically, that's not likely to happen, just as it is not likely that Brett Swenson will supplant Adam Vinatieri.

If Swenson dos win the job, then we got one helluva kicker from the collegiate free agent market! However, word out of West 56th is Vinatieri is recovered and expected to "be fine" in time for camp. Take that with your usual two grains of salt.

I, for one, would very much welcome back a healthy Adam V for 2010. If he were healthy in 2009, he'd have made the 51-yarder that Matt Stover missed in the Super Bowl. If the Colts make that kick, the outcome of Super Bowl 44 might have been different.