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Please welcome Cassieper as Stampede Blue's Community Manager

Our community has gotten big. Real big. Gone are the days of just making one open thread per game and letting all the discussion stay within that thread. Now, we have almost gotten to the point where we need to do open threads every night... DURING THE OFF-SEASON! It's all too much for me to handle alone. Hell, it's too much for me and Joe "shake n bake" Baker to handle as a tandem.

Thus, we decided to reach out to the community, looking for assistance in managing one of the most vocal and active groups in all of SB Nation. And the silly sucker who took the gig the brave soul who raised his hand and said "I'll do it, coach!" was none other than longtime Stampede Blue contributor Cassieper.

Cassieper's "job" will be to manage and monitor the community. He'll post "Caption This" threads more often, promote FanShots and FanPosts to the frontpage, and update the featured polls on a weekly basis. He'll also patrol and keep a watchful eye on open threads and comments in articles, smashing away spammers and trolls with the swing of his mighty Cass Hammer!

To use a title borrowed from SpazMo comment, he will act as the site's "Open Thread Energizer Bunny," working to keep threads on topic and frequent. This frees up time for people like Joe and I to write more articles.

While the timing of this announcement comes after many readers really felt the need to get some things off their chest regarding me and the blog, please know that we have been talking about getting a Community Manager for some time. This announcement was not motivated by the comments and FanPosts written in the last few days. In fact, Cassieper's first day on the job was supposed to be yesterday, but I thought it a bit unfair to have him deal with all the comments generated here and here on his first day.

Please join me, Joe, Matt (mgrex03), and LovinBlue as we welcome Cassieper to the managing staff of Stampede Blue!