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Did Howard Mudd and Bill Polian disagree over Tony Ugoh?

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Very interesting info from ESPN's Paul Kuharsky:

A scout from another team told me recently that he thought Polian wanted to see Ugoh developed at the spot while the decisive Mudd had determined Ugoh couldn’t be effective enough for the Colts last year. We’ll likely never know if that’s the case, thought the results of the competitions could give us some degree of information.

Interesting. Will Ugoh now get a "clean slate" with Howard Mudd retired? Will new line coach Pete Metzelaars be a bit more patient with him?

What's also worth noting is Kuharsky's source seems to suggest that Colts President Bill Polian wanted Ugoh to develop more. Remember, Ugoh wasn't given much time to do so his rookie year. He was brought in as the eventual replacement for Tarik Glenn, but Glenn surprisingly retired right before the start of training camp in 2007. Ugoh was then thrust into the role of starting left tackle for the then-Super Bowl defending champs. Development time pretty much got chucked out the window in favor of Mudd and the coaches simply getting Ugoh ready to protect Peyton Manning's blindside for the season.

From a talent standpoint, Ugoh's as good as anyone out there. He's quick, has great feet, and can maul people at the second level. I once saw a scout quoted, saying that Ugoh's problem was that he could never get past "being beat." He didn't have a short memory, and if he messed something up it would linger with him a while. I'll look to see if that quote is online somewhere.

2010 is a big year for Tony Ugoh. He must re-take his starting job over Charlie Johnson or his career with the Colts will likely be remembered as a bust.