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Tom Brady hearts Peyton Manning

It's getting really hard to hate Tom Brady's man-purse-lovin', silly Stetson-wearing self when he says stuff like this:

"I like Peyton a lot. He's a guy I've watched over the years and just always admired the way that he plays. His style of play is very much my style of play, so I can understand what he's looking at and why he's doing the things he's doing. ... I don't know what happened between he and [Reggie Wayne] there at the end, but I couldn't imagine that Peyton thought he would stop running the route either. Reggie is a great player and obviously there was just as mis-communication between the two of them which happens when you have little option routes like it looks like they had there. ... I felt bad because I never like seeing that happen to a quarterback, because I know how that feels. It feels pretty [expletive], especially to have it happen in a Super Bowl."

Well that... that's just... just... ARGH! Why can't I hate you, Tom Brady!

I guess my blood will boil someone around November, when the War of 18-12 is renewed so the NFL can capitalize on the insane ratings it generates.

As I have long said, I hope Tawmmy and Big P retire in the same year. This way, they are eligible for the Hall of Fame the same year and can present each other that same year. It only seems fitting.

Thanks to Rocky Top Manning