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Luke Links: The "Coltzilla" Edition

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When I first started my career, I worked for a consulting firm that prided itself in its active alumni group.  In that world, it was understood that people eventually wanted to transition from the long hours, un-glamorous travel and general brow-beating of bitter partners, to a cushier job working "in industry" - normal business hours, no missed connections late on a Friday night, understanding spouses.  People who deposited mounds of blood, sweat and tears on behalf of their clients were given a firm handshake and a congratulations as they walked out the door and on to their next careers.


Of course the real hook is that former consultants often go to companies that become clients of the firm, so alumni represent a source of future revenue, and not just some altruistic sense of community.  Still, imagine if the firm shunned its alumni... not only is the potential revenue source compromised, but those dollars could go to a detested competitor and be lost forever!  Although I don't know why you would want to attract flies in the first place, they do say that it is easier to attract flies with honey than with vinegar.


But seriously, it is in a similar vein that I congratulate Brett Mock ("bamock") on his successful start-up of Coltzilla, a "one-stop location for informative analysis on the current state and future of the Indianapolis Colts franchise."  Now while we hope that Stampede Blue is at least another stop for everyone, we recognize that everyone benefits if we support the community members who have actively and positively contributed to this blog.  So please stop in to his site, take a peek and maybe add a comment or two of your own.


Now before I regress even further into a Berkeley-inspired kumbaya moment, here are today's links:




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