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I still very much miss Raheem Brock and his Tweets

I'm still sad the Colts released him. Raheem Brock was so much fun to write about, especially when he talked on Twitter:

Yeah colts fans are way more laid back than eagles/jets/giants fans! We crazy on the east coast! Lol we lose we ready to fight! Haha


I'm going to miss this kind of stuff during training camp and the season.

Now, the speculation is who will replace Raheem. He was a damn important part of this team's make-up. Early speculation is Jerry Hughes, but Hughes does not have Brock's bulk to play tackle. What about Ricardo Mathews? At 291 pounds, I doubt he's an effective end rusher.

For me, the intriguing prospect to replace Brock is Mitch King. At 6'1, 280 pounds, King seems to have the size to play rush tackle on passing downs (as Brock did), but could also do some work at power end on run downs (again, as Brock did). It is only in this role that I see King making this football team. The Colts did not draft Jerry Hughes and Ricardo Mathews just to see them sit on the bench. They will make special defensive packages for both players. What King must do is showcase some versatility. He has to show that the Colts can rely on him to play some tackle in a pinch and that he can get a decent rush playing DE.

Also, special teams. Mitch King has absolutely no shot at this roster if he sucks on special teams.

We've been big supporters of Mitch King here at Stampede Blue. To be honest, we were a little shocked that King signed with the Titans over the Colts last year following the draft. Indy just seemed a more natural, "better" fit. Hopefully, things work out.