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Luke Links: The "Hayfever" Edition

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Ok so I didn't have a really good title for today's links, but as I get older, I suffer more and more from allergies... this weekend I was only able to take my dog for a short walk before I had to turn back with puffy eyes, little bumps and a stuffed up nose.  What's up with that?  Oh well... guess I have to stay in and compile links for y'all.




Official Team News


Positive and Negative Analysis


Around the League

  • John Glennon (The Tennessean) Guess why I linked to this story about the Titans
  • Dan Scanlan (The Florida Times-Union) In a pep talk to high school seniors, Jaguars' coach Jack Del Rio reveals that he took 10 classes in a single semester so he could finish his degree.  (Editor's note: I love this type of story - seeing coaches and players out in the community really trying to make a difference.  In situations as these, I believe we are not rivals.)
  • John McClain (Houston Chronicle) Contract re-negotiation: Andre Johnson may not be doing it right
  • Paul Kuharsky (ESPN) offers a meandering analysis of runs for no gain amongst AFC South RBs
  • Bob Kravitz (Indy Star) compares the NFL rookies of yore to those of today (Editor's note: apologies for the late link... I hadn't realized they moved Kravitz' column.  Also, I included this link down here because his story wasn't about just the Colts.)
  • Ross Tucker ( In the aftermath of the Texans' Cushing scandal, Tucker takes an acerbic look at what we have learned
  • Jeff Pearlman ( doesn't like the idea of a cold-weather Super Bowl
  • Peter King ( I don't even know what to say