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Anthony Gonzalez, Bob Sanders, and Adam Vinatieri participate in Colts OTAs

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Mike Chappell is the bearer of good news today, informing us obsessive and impatient Colts fans that several Colts players participated in the team's first Organized Team Activities today, or OTAs. I've been calling them "Off-Season Training Activities," or some junk, but that's just the allergy meds talking.

Among the participants were three players who were injured for most of last season: Anthony Gonzalez, Bob Sanders, and Adam Vinatieri.

From Chappell:

"It was nice just to finally be back and feel like you’re part of the team again,’’ Gonzalez said after this morning’s workout. "Personally it was a lot of fun. Now it’s business as usual for everyone.’’


"This year I’m healed up and this entire offseason we’ve been working on strengthening everything back and making sure I’ll be ready for along season,’’ Vinatieri said.

"It’s always exciting when you get everybody out there,’’ coach Jim Caldwell said. "We had an opportunity to put them through their paces a little bit and we thought they did well. They’re moving in the right direction.’’

Chappell goes on to say that Caldwell anticipates those players who missed much of last season due to injury will be ready for training camp. I'm going to take this as meaning we should expect Bob, Adam, and Gonzo on Day One of camp dressed, helmet on, running drills with their teammates. If so, that make me do a happy dance.

Other quotes from Caldwell after the first day of OTAs after the jump:

Caldwell on evaluating Andy Alleman and Adam Terry: "It’s probably too early right now. We’re still making certain that they have all the information they need to be able to perform well at their position. They’re certainly moving in the right direction."

Caldwell on Anthony Gonzalez: "He looks good. I’ve had the chance to watch him here the last few weeks actually. He’s moving well, and certainly catching the ball well, but also I just think he looks like he’s well equipped to start right where he left off. I think he’s done very well at this point."

Caldwell on whether Gonzo will line-up outside or in the slot: "Right now, that’s probably one of the great things about this time of year. It gives us a chance to look at a little bit of everything. He has a lot of versatility, obviously. He played both previously, both inside and outside, and that certainly could be the case going forward in the future. We want to take a look at everyone and see how they perform in their particular roles and adjust them as we go."

Caldwell on Tom Moore's new role: "He the senior offensive assistant. He’s going to do a lot with our group in terms working fundamentals and things he’s always done. Clyde (Christensen) is going to have the play calling duties. Tom’s going to help me with some things, he’s going to help Clyde looking ahead in terms of game planning, things of that nature. He’s also going to do a little work with some of the young quarterbacks as well. We have a myriad of things he’s going to help us with."