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Were any Colts players "clients" of Dr. Anthony Galea?

A good point was brought up here in this FanPost. Before we jump into scenarios, let's lay out what we know on the subject of Dr. Anthony Galea, NFL players, and HGH:

  • HGH is a banned substance in the NFL, and it is illegal to use it in the United States. All NFL players know this. If NFL players purchase or use the substance, that constitutes cheating and the consequences are suspension.
  • Anthony Galea, a Canadian doctor and team physician for the Toronto Argonauts, was formally charged on May 18th of illegally distributing HGH in the United States.
  • Mike Fish of ESPN reported that Galea "frantically crisscrossed the country last summer and injected U.S. professional athletes with human growth hormone and other substances, according to legal documents ESPN has obtained from a Canadian court." According to documents and other information from Galea's former assistant, Mary Anne Catalano, Galea treated 23 athletes, many presumed to be NFL players.
  • Galea is know for having "treated" other athletes like Alex Rodriguez and Tiger Woods.
  • The Washington Post recently reported that Galea gave HGH to Redskins receiver Santana Moss. If the report is accurate, Moss will likely be suspended.
  • To date, no Colts players are linked with Galea.

OK, that's what we pretty much know. Now, we get into the "What ifs," and I'll try and be as clear about this possible. We talk a lot about cheating around here because we care about fair play. Brian Cushing is a cheater, and has been suspended for cheating. Some Texans fans may disagree that he's a cheater. Whatever. Their homerism blinds them from reality.

Here, I don't want that to happen.

If a Colts player is linked to Galea, and if that player (or players) received HGH from him, such a player would be a cheater on par with Cushing, Rodney Harrison, and anyone else who used banned substances to gain a competitive edge. All of the accomplishments of that player would immediately have a big * next to them. If the player is a "franchise level" player, then all of the team accomplishments the Colts have earned during that player's tenure would immediately be called into question.

In short, if a Colts player cheated, then that player would receive the same venomous lashing we have given cheaters on other teams in the past. It doesn't matter if the player's name is Peyton Manning, Dwight Freeney, or Joe Blow. Cheating is cheating, and no one gets a pass. No one.

That said, as far as we know, no Colts players (current or within the last four years) are linked to Galea. So, we can rest easy.