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Dr. Blue's Health of the Franchise: Kevin Thomas

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Despite reports that Kevin Thomas may have suffered a season-ending knee injury, he has not yet undergone surgery, according to Mike Chappell.  This is bad news, and let me give you two names to explain why: Tom Brady and Anthony Gonzalez.

Both men's injuries were well documented... week after week after excrutiating week.  Neither underwent surgery immediately.  There was such massive damage to Brady's knee that he required a full month so that his MCL could stabilize and the inflammation could subside.  For Gonzo, the team waited two months hoping his reported sprained PCL would heal, before putting him under the knife.

The fact that the Colts (a) have announced that Thomas may be out for the season, and (b) are apparently waiting on surgery tells me to expect the worse - potentially a devastating knee injury from which return will be a long, hard-fought road.