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Rumor: Colts training camp moving back to Anderson University

If you are a total Colts freak and you have your bags packed two months in advance for the trip to Terre Haute to watch the team arrive for training camp at the Rose-Hulman Institute (where camp has been held for 12 years), you might need to make a change in travel plans.

From WTHR's website:

The rumor mill — fed by current athletic facility improvements at Anderson University and by speculation in both Anderson and Terre Haute — suggests the Indianapolis Colts will be returning, after a 12-year absence, to AU this summer for training camp.

Some community insiders in both cities have said — speaking off the record — that the Colts will train in Anderson.


Now, on a national level, no one gives a crap where the Colts train. However, on a local level, it's a big deal. I love the Rose-Hulman Institute. The way the training camp facility is set-up gives fans tremendous access to the team. Peyton Manning warming up with his receivers is within spitting distance of the bleachers. You see coaches like Clyde Christensen and John Teerlinck shouting at players. Before his retirement, Howard Mudd on a golf cart buzzing past a crowd gathering near the field for autographs was a common site. Back when Tony Dungy was the coach, he used to run from the main building to the practice fields, saying hello to fans along the way.

If the rumors of a training camp move are true, will Anderson University provide the same level of friendly fan interaction?

Anderson University is a bit closer to Indianapolis (roughly a one hour drive). The last time the Colts held a camp there was 1998, which was Peyton Manning's rookie season. Since then, according to the Anderson local paper The Herald Bulletin, Anderson University has made improvements to their sports facilities. Such improvements include the Kardatzke Wellness Center and adding artificial turf to the field. 

Anderson has been wooing the Colts to return for many years. Back in February, Anderson mayor Kris Ockomon said he was "99.9%" sure the Colts training camp would move back to Anderson University. If rumor is to be believed, it looks like the folks in Anderson have succeeded in winning the Colts brass over to their new facilities.