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Ravens being oddly careful with Jared Gaithers' foot injury

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The Ravens are likely to trade left tackle Jared Gaither at some point this off-season. It's fairly obvious they don't want him on the team anymore, having moved him from his natural left tackle spot to right tackle. Taking Gaither's place as the guardian of Joe Flacco's blindside is Michael Oher, whose life story helped the gal from Demolition Man win an Academy Award.

Recently, Gaither sustained an injury. They are calling it a "bruised foot." Yet, rather than treat this as any old injury the Ravens would normally deal with, they Black Birds in Baltimore are being cautious.

From National Football Post:

Gaither had a cortison shot in his foot recently, and coach John Harbaugh indicated that the team is going to allow him time "to let it settle down and let it heal."

I mention all this because several readers here have a strong interest in Gaither as a possible option at left tackle for the Colts. The signs indicate the Ravens still very much want to trade him, hoping a seemingly routine foot injury does not scare off any potential trade partners.

With the Colts just about giving up on Tony Ugoh as an option to start at left tackle, trading for Gaither looks more and more attractive. Though, like Ugoh, Gaither's knocks are his work ethic and his desire to succeed. These knocks are the likely reason Baltimore is looking to off-load the 6'9, 340 pound tackle. Also like Ugoh, Gaither has tremendous talent, and was part of a very good Baltimore team last year.

According to PFF, Gaither's overall rating last year was 20.4, which is outstanding based on their system. For comparison's sake, Bryant McKinnie, who was voted to the Pro Bowl last year only to get kicked off the squad because he's an idiot, ranked at a -3.1. Charlie Johnson ranked at -21.1.

Gaither also posted a rating of 0.5 and -0.4 in both games against the Colts. In both games, lining up against sack master Dwight Freeney, he allowed zero QB sacks and only 1 QB hit. He did allow 3 QB pressures in the Week 11 game.

Gaither's main issue is penalties. He ranks at a -9.5 in that category with 10 total penalties against him in 2009.