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Sack stats on Freeney and Mathis to brighten your day

With all this gloomy talk of contracts, labor talks, and lock-outs, the time is now to re-focus on something positive. "Think happy thoughts," and all that. When I think of Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis sacking an opposing QB, it always makes me happy. Does it make you equally happy?

If it does, then some Pro Football Focus Tweets offering Freeney-Mathis stats should brings a rosy grin to your afternoon disposition:

How devastating is Freeney's inside spin move? 49.25% of Freeney's pressure in '09 came inside of OT not outside.

On the other side of the ball Dwight Freeney & DeMarcus Ware top the class on 3rd down pass rushing, 37 & 32 total pressures respectively
90% of Mathis' sacks came around the edge, and he is 6 total pressures clear of the pack coming from edge rushes.
Purest edge rusher in the league in '09? Robert Mathis. More pressure than anyone else around the edge, and 72.4% of his pressure
With the pressure Mathis can put on teams around one edge, and the pass-rushing force Freeney is on the other side...That's tough

You want tough? I'll give you tough. Take all those stats, and add first round pick Jerry Hughes to the mix.

Did I mention the Colts are blitzing more? Did I mention Bob Sanders seems healthy?

Again, Pro Football Focus bringz smilez.