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Jacob Lacey and Philip Wheeler battle each other in dueling shopping cart chariots!

I really wish I could embed the video. I really, REALLY do. However, because Colts corner Jacob Lacey seemingly uploaded the video to yFrog, I cannot embed.

Oh well.

mgrex03 update: Found the embed link. Enjoy!

After the jump, watch the Colts starting strongside linebacker Philip Wheeler and their nickel-back Jacob Lacey joust each other on two electronic shopping carts in the middle of what looks to be a super market.

Here's the link, which I got from Lacey's Twitter account.

The whole thing just seems to be two silly dudes f*ckin around on carts usually reserved for people with disabilities. Is it worth getting upset over? No. Is it entertaining to watch when there is ZERO football happening right now? Absolutely!

Oh, and just so this post is not a complete waste of your time, I'll pass along that the Colts will have open, mini-camp practice that is free for the public on June 5th at Lucas Oil Stadium. Likely, practice will not involve shopping carts.