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Reggie Wayne's debit card "stolen" by a woman claiming she and Wayne are having affair

Indianapolis' FOX59 news has an interesting story brewing regarding Colts receiver Reggie Wayne:

Colts star Reggie Wayne is embroiled in a credit card fraud investigation involving a woman who claims she became a target only after her long-term affair with the wide receiver was revealed.

After obtaining a search warrant, 15 FBI agents swarmed 26 year-old Natasha McKenzie's home, kicked open her door and took everything.

"They literally took everything. Stuff that didn't even have to do with Reggie at all," she says, speaking exclusively to Fox 59 News.

McKenzie said IMPD detectives told her that she was being investigated for stealing Reggie Wayne's Huntington Bank debit card and charging nearly $100,000 on it. However, McKenzie told a much different story.

The story she told was that she and Wayne were having an affair, and that he had given her the card to pay for things like groceries, cable, and phone bills. She was also using the card to pay child daycare bills. We assume the children in question were not ones that were the product of McKenzie's and Wayne's supposed affair. 

Obviously, on a personal level for Wayne, if McKenzie's allegations of the affair are true (she says she has text messages and photos), it's embarrassing for him. Does it mean he's a crappy football player, or that the event should distract him from playing well in the 2010 season? No. Fans will still cheer for Reggie even if he is, potentially, an unfaithful husband. It's not like he is raping college kids in restrooms, or anything.

The Big Lead had an interesting comment on this little episode:

First Marvin Harrison, and now Reggie Wayne. Hmmmm. Hope you’ve got your respective houses in order, Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie.

Of course, the guy making this comment (Jason McIntyre) is a Jets fan. See Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards for the irony.