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Blair White and Brandon King impress Chris Polian at 2010 Colts Rookie Mini-Camp

My annoyance with Dan Dakich's skills as a member of the media aside, his interview with Chris Polian two days ago did provide us with some interesting news about the rookies and how they looked at the Colts rookie mini-camp last week. When asked by Dakich what rookies popped out at him during the rookie mini-camp (which was closed to media, by the way), Chris had a few surprise names.

Chris Polian:
I think Blair White had a good weekend, and caught the ball well; the undrafted free agent from Michigan State. I’m kind of focused a bit more on the undrafted guys now. Brandon King, the corner from Purdue, did well. Obviously, you cant see much on offensive and defensive linemen in that setting. And all the linebackers move very well, have the quickness and explosion we’re looking for. So, what we really took out of the weekend was were gonna have some really good and hard competitions for backup spots. Special teams performance play will play a significant part in those decisions. We feel excited about the depth we have going into camp and some of the competitions that will be there.

So, it seems players like Vuna Tuihalamaka and Kavell Conner also impressed. Tuihalamaka is my dark horse for making one of the the final roster spots going into September.