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Colts cut Rudolph Hardie and Jamie Petrowski

Getty Images
Getty Images

Our partners at National Football Post bring us news that the Colts have cut defensive end Rudolph Hardie and tight end Jamie Petrowski. We at Stampede Blue have long held out hope that Hardie would work out for the Colts. We did a draft profile on him way back in 2008 prior to the NFL draft that year. The Colts signed him during training camp last year. We wrote at the time:

It's always kind of cool to see a player you thought the team would be interested in eventually sign. We saw the Colts do this with Buster Davis and Rufus Alexander recently. We stated (waaaaay back in the day) that Alexander and Davis were good fits for the Colts. Hopefully, Hardie will find a way to stick around on the Colts roster, unlike Davis and Alexander.

So, yeah. I'm kind of sad Hardie didn't work out. We wish him the best.

With the Colts drafting Brody Eldridge, Terre Haute, Indiana native Jamie Petrowski became expendable. The next tight end to likely get cut could be Gijon Robinson.