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Ravens install Micheal Oher at LT in mini-camp, Gaither expected to be traded reports that former starting LT Jared Gaither was not taking snaps at left tackle in today's minicamp and a team source says that the move is intended to be permanent. Gaither took over Oher's former position at RT, but ESPN's Adam Shefter says that sources around the league expect Gaither to be traded before the season, with Buffalo as the main player.

The Colts passed on OTs Rodger Saffold and Charles Brown in the 1st (and the 2nd in the case of Brown), but the post draft comments framed it as a lack of value at LT, not necessarily a lack of need. If the price is right for Gaither the Colts would have a place for a talented OT. The Colts had interest in LTs in the draft, just none that fell within their reach. Beyond price the major stumbling block would be the rumored attitude issues which soured the Ravens on Gaither in the first place. If an organization that stresses character like the Colts sees it as more than just standard grumbling about a new contract then Gaither is likely off the table and any price the Ravens would reasonably accept.

During the draft the Ravens were reportedly looking for a early 2nd round pick, but as time passes that price could be slashed as the Ravens have solid RT options in Oniel Cousins and Marshall Yanda. On the other hand the Ravens are looking to contend for a title this year so there's only so low they'll go to give up an insurance policy on Oher and what would be expected to be fantastic RT play.

A final stumbling block comes from his contract situation. Any deal for him would likely require a new contract in place, as a team wouldn't want to pay out picks for a 1 year rental of Gaither, who has yet to sign his 1 year RFA tender. Acquiring Gaither would take a significant financial investment as well, with franchise LT money needing to be negotiated before a deal would take place.