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Rotoworld: Colts have interest in JaMarcus Russell

Kind if a surprising development in the recent news regarding former-first overall pick JaMarcus Russell getting cut by the Oakland Raiders, but it seems the Colts have an interest in possibly helping the player who may go down as the biggest bust in the history of the NFL:

From Rotoworld:

Considering his bloated contract (Davis paid him $40M over the past 3+ years), Russell may have bypassed Ryan Leaf as the biggest bust in NFL draft history. Don't expect to see any other teams rushing out to sign Russell, though we've heard rumors that the Colts may kick his tires down the road.

This is interesting considering that, very recently, former-Colts and Raiders running back Dominic Rhodes slammed Russell in a recent interview with ESPN, questioning his work ethic. The Colts have a long history of simply not tolerating people who have questionable work ethics.

Still, if there is a place where Russell could go to get his head straight, it's Indy. His talent and his intelligence have never been questioned. It's his desire to work hard and win. In Indy, he'd be under no pressure to start, and he'd be working with two of the better quarterback gurus in the NFL: Head coach Jim Caldwell and QB coach Frank Reich. He'd also have the offensive mind of Tom Moore and the example of Peyton Manning.

Essentially, if the Colts kick Russell's tires, and he doesn't work out here, he pretty much has zero chance of ever playing in this league again. It certainly would not hurt to sign Russell as a back-up. If he pans out, the team has excellent QB depth. If he doesn't, there's always Curtis Painter.