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Vince Young keeps it classy by assaulting a guy in a Dallas night club

I know all of you Stampede Blue readers out there just loooooooooooooved the articles people were writing recently about how Vince Young had improved as a quarterback and as a person. After his benching in 2008 for quitting on the team in a Week One game, Vince did interviews hoping to convey that he was willing to do anything to help the team win. He eventually got his job back in 2009, but was unable to quarterback the Titans into the playoffs despite having a 2,000 rusher in Chris Johnson. He made a touching gesture during the Pro Bowl by inviting the kids of the late-Steve McNair, and many felt that Vince had turned a corner as a person and, possibly, as a QB.

Well, it turns out that, like most things pertaining to ole Vince, the hype simply did not measure up to the reality.

At around 3am on Saturday night-Sunday morning this past weekend, Vince Young was spotted on a surveillance camera at the Club Onyx in Dallas, TX. Club Onyx is one of those places where patrons (mostly men) go and watch women dance in front of them on a stage. However, unlike the dancing women at, say, the Christmas Holiday Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in NY, the women dancing at the Club Onyx aren't wearing any clothes.

Yes folks. This is another tale of a Tennessee Titans player doing something stupid at a strip club.

So, yeah. Vince Young. Strip Club. Anyway, at about 3am, Vince was seen on camera attacking a man at the Club Onyx. The reason for the attack is almost as stupid as the attack itself. Apparently, the man flashed Vince a sign indicating "down with Longhorns," referencing Vince's former college team, the Texas Longhorns. This anti-Texas demonstration seemed to send Vince into a rampage. After he saw the gesture, Vince pushed past a woman seated near him (nearly knocking her to the floor) and attacked the Longhorns hater. The scuffle involved punches thrown, and both men had to be separated by other people in the room.

As a result of Vince losing his mind and doing something stupid yet again, he's been slapped with a Class C assault charge. Oh, and I'm willing the bet that the dude he attacked is going to sue the utter crap out of him.

You can watch the whole thing on a YouTube embed after the jump. The fight, and Vince Young's football career in general, were best summed up by one of the YouTube commenters:

allegedly [Vince Young] only connected on 57% of his punches and 2 were intercepted.

Oh, and the league plans to "look into" the incident. Based on the tape, that means a likely suspension for Vince Young. 

You'd think that after the Pacman Jones incident Titans coach Jeff Fisher would fine anyone on the roster who steps within 100 yards of a strip club.