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Andre Johnson thinks Reggie Wayne will show up to Colts training camp

When Paul Kuharsky is not giving Peyton Manning haters a savage beatdown, he's talking to Texans receiver Andre Johnson about Reggie Wayne.

They both played in college for Miami and live there for much of the offseason. Wayne’s working out at home more often, but the two have still spent time together, Johnson said.

"We talk about it; we’ve talked about it," Johnson said. "And we understand that it’s part of the business. That’s just part of it. It’s a violent game, probably the most physical game in the world. And it’s the most cut-throat game in the world. But we all understand that.

"I think he’ll be there [when the Colts open training camp]. I know Reggie; I know what kind of guy Reggie is and I’m pretty sure things will work out for him."

Like Andre Johnson, I too think that Reggie will show up for camp. However, if he doesn't, he should expect a fairly strong fan backlash. His botched route (which led to a pick six) in Super Bowl 44 had more to do with the Colts losing than Hank Baskett's muff on the onside kick that started the third quarter. So, for Reggie to demand more money now is very bad timing.

Camp opens August 1st at Anderson University.